Why Do Dental Implants Cost So Much?

Thinking about natural remedy for the tooth that has been hurt during the injury? It is a big Yes; definitely a person is always struggling to find out the natural remedy. So, that the tooth should not be removed and cured with the natural remedy. There are times when the injury has a strong impact on your jaw that the natural remedy doesn’t work a lot and taking our of tooth is the only option you need to have.

Dental Implants and their expensive nature

If your tooth root is damaged by an injury or by cavity, the extraction is the one solution for the pain you are having. While knowing the dental treatments, you can’t leave a hole in your jaw. You tend to fill it with the dental implants. There are many people who are in need of implants but when they listen up to the cost the implants take comes like a bouncer to the batsman. These day the cost of dental implant starts from $5000. Oh my God! This is really expensive.

There is no doubt in the durability and long life of dental implants but the cost is too much for a salaried person. Today we are going to discuss why do dental implants cost so much?

The cost of Dental Implant and durability factor

Dental implants are really amazing treatment that has been introduced by the dentists. If you have one damaged tooth, you can have a surgery assisting implant procedure. If you have a single tooth damaged and extracted. You can have dental implant for that one tooth as well and there is no need to wait till the whole jaw fells of. If one root is damaged, it can damage the other neighboring root slowly and gradually, as the support of the jaw get weakens.

So you can have a single tooth implant as well and it can cost you almost $2500. This price can vary depending upon the condition of your neighboring teeth and the jaw.

Why there is too much cost for the dental implant

It is a tooth replacing technique but the cost slays us all. The dental implant is made up of strong and long lasting metal that is titanium. The screws of dental implant are screwed inside the jaw, where the original tooth has been lost. The metal Titanium has strength to protect the jaw till the lifetime, and is very light weight as well.

When you think about something that’s going to be in your mouth for a number of years, strength and durability, is key. The last thing you want is to use a cheap material that won’t last a lifetime and requires replacement.


Technicality of dental implant

The Titanium support in injected in the jaw and then the crown made up of porcelain have been added as a tooth. The crowns are well customized and made according to the shape of your original tooth that joins your jaw like your original tooth.

A dental Implant is a Surgical Procedure

The dental implants are expensive due to its surgical nature. It is not done without anesthesia. Plus the dentist has to be very care about the infection. If there would be the infection the dentists have to repeat all the process again. The dentist will drill inside your jaw to screw the nuts into your jaw that is painful. The dentists who are learned a lot only they can do the surgery. Otherwise there are chanced of damaging of any nerve as well.

If the surgery gets fail, you may have severe pain in oral cavity and headaches. In severe cases you can have your swollen mouth.

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